The Top Ten

  1. Hiking & Camping
  2. Purse Accessories
  3. Ways to Stop SPAM
  4. In Your Glovebox
  5. In Your Trunk
  6. Your First Tool Box
  7. College Freshmen
  8. Lawn Care
  9. Flower Garden
  10. Veggie Garden

Are there more?  Of course!  I'll try to add them as time and inspiration allow.

Check back often for more "Ten Most Useful" lists.

Ten Lists of Ten

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed something that you didn't have with you at the time?  Some tool, gadget, rule of thumb - a piece of hardware or a piece of advice - that would have "saved the day"?

Helping people in those situations is the reason that this web site exists. In it, you will find a lot of ideas that will help you solve some of life's little problems. This site tries to help you decide what things are really useful enough to keep with you - and what aren't. The principle, "it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it" is fine, but you can't take everything every time. You'd never get anywhere.

So where did the original idea come from? Boy Scouts. When my sons joined Scouting, I got involved. One of my jobs was to acquire the various pieces of equipment that they, and I, would need to go on the many camping and hiking trips arranged by their troop. As I shopped for the equipment and advice, I ran across the "Ten Essentials."

Most experienced hikers & campers have heard of the "Ten Essentials."  This is a list of items to have with you when you hike or travel in remote areas.  The idea is that some items are so vital to survival, so essential, that you should never venture into the wilderness without them.  The concept is so simple and useful that it has become widely accepted.

So what does wilderness survival have to do with Purses, SPAM or Lawn Care? Well, Mother Nature is not the only environment that sometimes requires survival skills - or survival tools. Everyday life can also present any number of challenging situations. The idea of having a few really useful tools to help you cope works so well that it makes sense to apply to other everyday situations.

After all, would Batman be a superhero without his utility belt?

Since each of these lists has ten items, I thought it would only be fitting to start with ten lists.  And of course the first one has to be the one that started it all. Read more about the Ten Essentials here.